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grub2 + LVM + Xen DomU

From: nesredin mohammedjemal Mahmud
Subject: grub2 + LVM + Xen DomU
Date: Wed, 22 May 2013 19:54:29 +0200

hello everyone,

I want to make my logical volume to be bootable. And this volume is to be used as a guest machine, DomU in Xen Hypervisor. I am not sure if this is possible or not but let me explain what I did...

I installed grub using grub-install using:
# grub-install --recheck --root-directory=/mnt/hvm /dev/sda
Installation finished. No error reported.

i created grub.cfg in side /boot/grub with contents:

set default="0"
set timeout="30"

menuentry 'my machine' {
      insmod part_msdos
      insmod ext2
      insmod lvm
      set root='(lvm-ubuntu)'
      linux /boot/bzImage root=/dev/mapper/ubuntu-hvm

I try to boot the guest machine (xen uses hvmloader to boot to load or build the machine):
The following error happens:
Inline image 1

what is going? where am making mistakes?  .. am not good at grub configuration.

thank you,


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