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Re: Bug? Extremely slow loading of initrd if it has more than 4 extents

From: Felix Miata
Subject: Re: Bug? Extremely slow loading of initrd if it has more than 4 extents on EXT4
Date: Thu, 16 May 2013 12:21:41 -0400
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On 2013-05-16 17:48 (GMT+0200) Joschi Brauchle composed:

Felix Miata wrote:

I have many openSUSE installations, all using Grub Legacy, among them at
least 10 12.3, and no more than one using EXT4. I just booted the last
12.3 I had previously booted, which is on EXT3, but uses the EXT4 kernel
driver, as most kernels have been doing for at least several releases.
Filefrag -v reports the currently booted kernel uses 11 extents. I
suspect few of my others would be very much different, at least WRT use
of more or less than 4 extents. IOW, I'd expect all are using >4. The
11.4 kernel's initrd on the system I'm typing this from uses 100 extents
on EXT3.

Note that I was talking about the initrd. I'm not sure if you mean the
same above.

Not enough sleep last night. The 11.4 shows 27 extents for /boot/initrd. The 12.3 shows 11 extents for /boot/initrd, same number as /boot/vmlinuz.

We have not had any problems with openSUSE 11.4, where we have also used
GRUB legacy along with ext4 /boot partitions. The problem first came up
with 12.3.

We have more than 70 machines (of ~4 different types, i.e. P4, C2D, i7,
and so on) here, where basically ALL of them show this slowness when
extents>4. I have set up a cronjob that recreated the initrd if extents>4.

Are there any that do not show the problem? If so, how does/do it/they differ in configuration?

To get traction in your bug report maybe you need to set a system up to boot from EXT2 or EXT3 to see if the problem goes away for you. Maybe opensuse-kernel would be a better forum for discussion of this particular problem than opensuse-factory, especially now that Factory is 13.1 - unless maybe you install 13.1 on one and it does the same.
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