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Re: Bug? Extremely slow loading of initrd if it has more than 4 extents

From: Joschi Brauchle
Subject: Re: Bug? Extremely slow loading of initrd if it has more than 4 extents on EXT4
Date: Thu, 16 May 2013 17:48:02 +0200
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On 05/16/2013 05:38 PM, Felix Miata wrote:
According to your Novell bug report, you're using an ext4 filesystem.

Yes, you are absolutely correct. For some reason I was writing ext2 here, which is not correct. So my /boot is EXT4.

openSUSE's Grub 0.97 is exclusively "maintained" by openSUSE. Upstream
hasn't maintained Grub Legacy for several years. EXT4 support in
openSUSE's Grub 0.97 would be entirely openSUSE's responsibility.

Okay, thats good to know. So I will stick with the Novell Bugzilla.

I have many openSUSE installations, all using Grub Legacy, among them at
least 10 12.3, and no more than one using EXT4. I just booted the last
12.3 I had previously booted, which is on EXT3, but uses the EXT4 kernel
driver, as most kernels have been doing for at least several releases.
Filefrag -v reports the currently booted kernel uses 11 extents. I
suspect few of my others would be very much different, at least WRT use
of more or less than 4 extents. IOW, I'd expect all are using >4. The
11.4 kernel's initrd on the system I'm typing this from uses 100 extents
on EXT3.

Note that I was talking about the initrd. I'm not sure if you mean the same above.

We have not had any problems with openSUSE 11.4, where we have also used GRUB legacy along with ext4 /boot partitions. The problem first came up with 12.3.

We have more than 70 machines (of ~4 different types, i.e. P4, C2D, i7, and so on) here, where basically ALL of them show this slowness when extents>4. I have set up a cronjob that recreated the initrd if extents>4.

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