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Motherboard change = can't boot

From: Richard Mullins
Subject: Motherboard change = can't boot
Date: Wed, 06 May 2009 22:32:03 +1000
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I have just changed motherboard and now i can't boot. It seems to be an issue with the drive order. I get the grub menu and can use find to confirm that it thinks the files are in hd0,0 and it starts the boot process ok but halts with a kernel panic when trying to determine the root partition.

I have 6 drives in the machines, 4 sata drives in a raid-5 array and 2 IDE drives, one of which has the OS (Gentoo). When the kernel loads it seems as though the SATA drives are 0-3 and in this case the boot drive is 4. I thought it must be the root= kernel parameter (it was previously set to /dev/hda3) so iI have tried every combination (/dev/hde3, /dev/sde3/ hda, sda, etc, etc) but nothing seems to work. Each time it would kernel panic with the message to select one of the listed partitions for the root= entry. At first it only showed the 4 sata drives then I found a legacy setting in the bios and turned it off, now it shows nothing.

Is this a grub issue or a kernel issue (or something else)?

When I boot off a USB key (Ubuntu) i have see all the drives and I even mounted and chrooted in the gentoo drives and installed a new kernel (I was running out of ideas).

I am running Gentoo, GRUB V0.97, Kernel 2-6.28.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Richard Mullins

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