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Re: Motherboard change = can't boot

From: James Jarvis
Subject: Re: Motherboard change = can't boot
Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 22:06:59 +0100
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Having changed the motherboard it is very likely your initrd is no longer valid - as a result the kernel modules required are not being inserted.

Try booting from cd, mounting the root file system on disk and reading the mkinitrd man page.

You should then be able to recreate an appropriate initrd and adjust your your grub config to load it on next boot. You may need to chroot (again use the man page).

As D.T. stated, you may need to do some homework with lspci - again consult the man page. Also, whilst booted on the liveCD and before chroot use lsmod (again use man page) to identify which modules are active. A wild guess, you may need ata_piix module or something similar.

HTH give pointers if not the answer...


D T wrote:

I think I had a similar problem 3 or 4 year ago. In my case the drivers for the new HDD controllers on the MB were not compiled in the kernel.
If you haven't tried this yet:

Boot from a Gentoo CD

Run lspci to see what you have on the MB

Do something of this sort: mount the root partition, cd to /usr/src/linux and check if the drivers for the HDD controllers are compiled in the kernel, by taking a look in the ".config" file or running "make menuconfig". You may have to chroot (not sure) and recompile the kernel & modules.

You may also want to look at /proc/partitions to see what's being recognized.

Hope someone more experienced can add the missing details.


        Date: Wed, 06 May
     2009 22:32:03 +1000
    From: Richard Mullins <address@hidden>
    Subject: Motherboard change = can't boot
    To: address@hidden
    Message-ID: <address@hidden>
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I have just changed motherboard and now i can't boot. It seems to be an issue with the drive order. I get the grub menu and can use find to confirm that it thinks the files are in hd0,0 and it starts the boot process ok but halts with a kernel panic when trying to determine the root partition.

I have 6 drives in the machines, 4 sata drives in a raid-5 array and 2 IDE drives, one of which has the OS (Gentoo). When the kernel loads it seems as though the SATA drives are 0-3 and in this case the boot drive is 4. I thought it must be the root= kernel parameter (it was previously set to /dev/hda3) so iI have tried every combination (/dev/hde3, /dev/sde3/ hda, sda, etc, etc) but nothing seems to work. Each time it would kernel panic with the message to select one of the listed partitions for the root= entry. At first it only showed the 4 sata drives then I found a legacy setting in the bios and turned it off, now it shows nothing.

    Is this a grub issue or a kernel issue (or something else)?

When I boot off a USB key (Ubuntu) i have see all the drives and I even mounted and chrooted in the gentoo drives and installed a new kernel (I was running out of ideas).

    I am running Gentoo, GRUB V0.97, Kernel 2-6.28.

    Any suggestions would be most welcome.

    Richard Mullins


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