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Re: Error: undefined reference to

From: Ulrich Eckhardt
Subject: Re: Error: undefined reference to
Date: Thu, 04 Nov 2004 07:10:55 +0100
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Ben Rennigen wrote:
> : undefined reference to `Complex::Complex[in-charge](float, float)'

> "Complex" is my class, declared in "complex.h" and implemented in
> "complex.cpp", both files in the same directory with the main cpp file.
This is completely irrelevant!

> In the main cpp file, I do "include "complex.h".

That just includes that file, code from Complex.cpp still doesn't get
pulled in.

BTW: usually, the class would have been defined(not declared!) in complex.h
and its memberfunctions defined in complex.cpp, just so you know the
proper terms.



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