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Re: Error: undefined reference to

From: Paul Pluzhnikov
Subject: Re: Error: undefined reference to
Date: 04 Nov 2004 20:01:32 -0800
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Karthik Kumar <> writes:

> g++ -o prog_complex complex.cpp prog_complex.cpp
> ...
> The GNU linker expects the symbols to be arranged this way.
> The most independent library comes first. The least
> independent library comes last.

First off, there is not a single *library* on your command line,
and the order of sources and objects doesn't matter at all: they
*all* are included in the final link.

Second off, you got your advice completely backwards: libraries
should occur on command line from *most* dependent to *least*
dependent (which is usually libc and is added by the compiler driver
at the end).

I.e. if libA depends on libB, then -lA should be on the link line
*before* -lB.

To understand why that is so, read this:

In order to understand recursion you must first understand recursion.
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