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Re: [help-gnuastro] GNU Astro configure error - missing WCSLIB component

From: Mohammad Akhlaghi
Subject: Re: [help-gnuastro] GNU Astro configure error - missing WCSLIB component
Date: Fri, 25 May 2018 18:23:05 +0200
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Hi Duane,

Thank you for trying out Gnuastro :-).

If you could also send us the `config.log' file, it would help to exactly identify the problem.

But before that (based on similar problems for some other users) I have the following guess. Please try this and if it doesn't work, send us the `config.log' file.

I think your system is confusing the system's `libwcs' (usually in `/usr/lib', it was a system library for wide characters in older systems I think), with WCSLIB's `libwcs' (possibly in `/usr/local/lib' if you installed from source).

If this is the case, you should guide your linker to first look in the place that WCSLIB is installed, then in the system-wide directories.

To do that, run the configure script like this (assuming WCSLIB is installed in `/usr/local/lib'):

$ ./configure LDFLAGS=/usr/local/lib

If `./configure' doesn't complain about WCSLIB any more, than this was the solution.

If so, you should also tell your run-time linker to first look into this directory is well by setting `LD_LIBRARY_PATH'.

Generally, this issue has been discussed in the "Known issues" section of Gnuastro's book/manual (second point under the `./configure' issue):

These installation directory issues can be a little confusing, to help astronomers (non software engineers!) learn the basics behind these directories, Gnuastro's book has a section called "Installation directory":

If you are just starting with Gnuastro, I strongly recommend installing the newest alpha-release in the link below. Many bugs have been fixed compared to the last stable release (version 0.5) and many features have been added, so it would be much more easier to start with this version. So this alpha-release is much more robust and powerful.

In a week or two we are going to make the next stable release of Gnuastro (version 0.6). It will be very similar to this alpha-release. To be informed when it is released, please subscribe to the `info-gnuastro' mailing list:

I hope the `LDFLAGS' solution works, if not, please send us the `config.log' file, and we can find the root of the problem from that.


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