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Re: Undo defalias

From: Madhu
Subject: Re: Undo defalias
Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2023 15:02:47 +0530

* Óscar Fuentes <87r0u5czgg.fsf> :
Wrote on Fri, 03 Mar 2023 22:11:27 +0100:

> I don't have the problematic session around anymore, but I recall seeing
> a *Backtrace* buffer among the list of existing buffers. However, IIRC
> Emacs says that a recursive edit is active and that indication was not
> there.
>> [ There's admittedly the possibility/risk that you hit `C-g` (or some
>>   similar error occurred) right at the specific moment when `cl-letf`
>>   was executing the second part of the `unwind-protect` (i.e. the one
>>   that reset `message` to its previous definition).
>>   That's a known hole in our system.  ]
> That's also quite plausible, indeed. I tend to use C-g quite frequently.

Many a time in emacs-29.50.x I've got into the situation where I haven't
been able to return from a recursive-edit. i.e. (minibuffer-depth) is
never 0, and with minibuffer-depth-indicate-mode I'd always see a [2] in
the minibuffer.  Admittedly this has happened less often recently.
Perhaps I was hitting this code path?

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