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Re: Background color in SVG display

From: Pascal Quesseveur
Subject: Re: Background color in SVG display
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2022 20:14:10 +0200
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>"EZ" == Eli Zaretskii <> writes:

  EZ> 2.2?  Are you sure?  That sounds very old.  The latest stable
  EZ> version is 2.56, AFAIK.

  No I am not sure. As librsvg is named librsvg-2-2.dll I supposed
it should be 2.2. But I looked in emacs 27.1 directory and librsvg is also
librsvg-2.2.dll but the size is different. As version 27.1 was correct
I copied librsvg from 27.1 to 28.1: display is always wrong in 28.1 so
I suppose libsrvg is not the culprit.

  EZ> I cannot reproduce the problems you describe, but I'm not the
  EZ> expert on displaying SVG images.  If you report a bug, it will
  EZ> be looked at by people who are experts.  There's no need to
  EZ> worry about reporting a bug which eventually turns out not to be
  EZ> a bug.

  I know that but I'd rather be sure I understood the problem.
  EZ> AFAIU, in Emacs 28 and later you should be able to give a face
  EZ> text property to the part of the buffer that displays SVG
  EZ> image(s), and the background color of that face will be honored
  EZ> by the SVG display, provided that (a) your librsvg is recent
  EZ> enough, and (b) the SVG image itself doesn't specify a
  EZ> background color.

  splash.svg has no background. I have decided to advise create-image
to set explictely image background color attribute:

(setq image (nconc image (list :background color)))

  When color is a variant of grey, display seems ok. When it is
#ff0000 background of displayed image is blue. And when #0000ff image
background is red. When I set color attribute to #904020 I get a
displayed color more or less similar to royalblue4 (#1a2f79).

Pascal Quesseveur

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