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Re: Background color in SVG display

From: Pascal Quesseveur
Subject: Re: Background color in SVG display
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2022 17:43:01 +0200
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>"EZ" == Eli Zaretskii <> writes:

  EZ> We did make changes in how SVG images are handled wrt their
  EZ> background, so if you think the new behavior is a bug, feel free
  EZ> to submit an Emacs bug report.  (Your version of librsvg also
  EZ> matters.)

  As I said I use windows version compiled from GNU. librsvg is
version 2.2.

  I didn't say there was a bug. I was wondering if this was the
expected behavior and if there was a way to change this color. I think
I've read that the background color could be set with the font's
background color, but if that's the case, that clearly doesn't work
for me.

Pascal Quesseveur

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