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Re: Emacs help from terminal

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Emacs help from terminal
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2022 18:08:10 +0300
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* Emanuel Berg <> [2022-06-16 10:12]:
> Jean Louis wrote:
> > When process is suspended, it is paused. Emacs does nothing
> > in background, it has stopped. Its execution has stopped.
> > If there are processes in Emacs they have been paused.
> But I don't see why one would want to do that. It's not how
> anything works these days, or for quite some time actually ...

That somehow gives me impression that in this case of shell job
suspension, you start thinking from your habits and assume that every
computer user does the same.

And I have given you quite a real example, that is what I am doing. I
have continous running Emacs processes processing PostgreSQL database
based information and doing marketing for me. It generates queues of
messages in the system. What is my SMS or Internet bundle is exhausted
due to neglect? Maybe I do not want to terminate the process, I wish
to put it on hold, pay for the SMS bundle or Internet and then
continue with the process, that way I avoid some otherwise not yet
programmed but programmatically avoidable events. That is a real world
example. I have such Emacs process running right now. Back in time it
was running all day long and it was invoked by cron. Sometimes I
suspend process from M-x proced, but again, that one is separate from
the used Emacs and it is in GUI. In console I may suspend process
because I want it to pause, until I finish something else.

Same question could be made like why do you suspend watching a movie
or listening to music.

> > This is totally different to invoking a program from within
> > Emacs or from shell within Emacs. I also do not see how
> > suspending process is related to invoking shell in Emacs.
> But no one is really doing that manually _at all_ anymore is
> what I'm saying.

Because you think from your own habits in this case. Just because you
did not find use of it, does not mean other users have no use of it.

I have 4-5 remote servers to manage on my own, when accessing such I
use shell job control. Sometimes clients pay me to enter their remote
server, so I use SSH but do not have option to install any better
tools and sometimes job control is used.

Don't mix halting or pausing of a process with screen or tmux, as they
are just a viewer to process.

They are not related to pausing a process.

Screen for example changes little bit how C-z is invoked, so user has
to do C-a z or C-a C-z in screen to halt a process. You may use screen
and still want to pause the process, I do not see how is screen or
tmux related to halting.


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