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Re: Emacs help from terminal

From: Samuel Banya
Subject: Re: Emacs help from terminal
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2022 10:06:23 -0400
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Wow, that's awesome, I never knew this about 'C-z' and 'fg' keybinding commands 
to be able to suspend Emacs.

That's super cool, thanks for this, putting this in my notes as I usually use 
GUI Emacs but this would be cool on headless terminal boxes.

On Wed, Jun 15, 2022, at 6:26 AM, Emanuel Berg wrote:
> Michael Heerdegen wrote:
> >>> C-z suspends Emacs - but I don't know how that works when
> >>> using a terminal emulator.
> >>
> >> It just works. User comes back to terminal shell, and may
> >> revivew Emacs with
> >>
> >> $ fg
> >
> > Depends on the shell here: works for me with bash, but not
> > with the elvish shell. Seems the shell has to implement job
> > control for that to work, or something like that.
> The dark elves just have to enable it but they don't know if
> the wood elves even have it actually ...
> -- 
> underground experts united

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