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Re: Emacs help from terminal

From: Samuel Banya
Subject: Re: Emacs help from terminal
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2022 10:45:42 -0400
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Great point.

So I have a weird setup:
 * I swap CAPS with Ctrl
 * I also swap 'Option' with 'Command'

The idea is that I could then use the 'meta' key (alt) in the normal Windows 
style keyboard position.

Goal is to somehow to use 'M-`' to use popper though, would be cool. Totally 
works on Linux without a problem, just not MacOS.

On Thu, Jun 16, 2022, at 3:48 AM, Robert Pluim wrote:
> >>>>> On Wed, 15 Jun 2022 11:52:52 -0400, "Samuel Banya" 
> >>>>> <> said:
>     Samuel> I still have no idea why I can't combine M-` on MacOS in Emacs. 
> I've tried using 'C-h k' but no response with that combo.
> MacOS has a tendency to steal those bindings. Which key are you using
> as Meta? I have Meta mapped to "control" and can use M-` (I can also
> access Command-` in Emacs, where it produces C-`. There╩╝s a setting in
> Keyboard->Shortcuts for Command-` that you might need to disable).
> Robert
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