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Re: Netiquette is way to go

From: goncholden
Subject: Re: Netiquette is way to go
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2022 09:18:24 +0000

------- Original Message -------
On Monday, June 13th, 2022 at 7:43 PM, Jean Louis <> wrote:

> * Po Lu [2022-06-13 10:18]:
> > Because you did not ask about automatic indentation. From the point of
> > view of everyone except you, you were asking how to adapt the Emacs
> > Fortran indentation rules to your (legacy) code, and not how to disable
> > automatic indentation.

No, was not asking how to adapt indentation rules to legacy code.
I asked how to stop the removal of tabs from previous line after hitting 
return.  The previous line was legacy code I did not want to touch.  Had no 
idea about electric-indent.  The "help" I got was that of Eli, bragging about 
how powerful and customisable emacs is and how it does not make sense disabling 
automatic indentation.
Even though mentioning electric-indent-mode would have solved my problem so 
that I can continue with what I need to do.

Refraining from telling me because according to emacs aficionados I am an idiot 
to turn indentation tools off, and that they know better is preposterous.  Then 
wonder how it happens that others begin to use linguistic profanities upon the 
community's sacred gurus.  Basically it is because I am now an old fart and 
have encountered enough bullshit that I can became equally mad with resorting 
to alcoholism or taking drugs, if I had been a young boy.

> How I see it: user did not express himself about "indentation" but
> tried in his own words to explain what is happening and what is
> desired.
> We cannot expect of users new to Emacs to know what is
> electric-indent-mode as that is too high expectation. I gave example
> of indentation mentioned in other editors, Emacs does not offer
> a menu item where indentation can be set.
> We cannot tell to users "why you did not ask about
> electric-indent-mode" as that means we have too high expectations.
> We cannot even expect users to read the manual first before asking on
> the mailing list for help. As by reading manual one would find out
> that indentation is automatic.
> I use Emacs long time, and I did not know that indentation is
> automatic until I read the manual yesterday to find out about it. I
> was under impression that I have set the indentation in my init.el and
> forgot about it.
> We can't have too high expectations on this mailing list. This is not
> for experienced users only, not for developers, it is for "Help".
> --
> Jean
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