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Re: Netiquette is way to go

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Netiquette is way to go
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2022 07:53:23 +0300
User-agent: Mutt/+ () (2022-05-21)

* goncholden <> [2022-06-13 02:25]:
> Come on now.  I worked in England, the United States, and France.
> Do you really think they conquered the world by being nice?  Perhaps
> when inside their own country.  Everywhere else, it doubt that very
> much.

One thing I know for sure, Emacs is used all over the world and it is
product of the GNU project, where people strive to be nice. 

> Go ask many people and tribes across the world (e.g. the Massai ) if
> they want to move to america, the uk, or russia.  They would say,
> definitely not, never.  In the international theatre, there are no
> rules to say that we must play the game with your rules.

I got it.

Just that I am really wrong person to ask about Maasai, as I often
work with Maasai tribe and they come to our offices in the town close
to Moshi and Kilimanjaro. They like walking as people and they would
go anywhere they could possibly go, even by foot. Parents engrave
specific scars on their children with knife because parents move
somewhere else and know that maybe in future they may find their
children again and will recognize them by scars they did on them.

One thing is sure, they think they are rejecting Western civilization
by wearing those impostor Scottish tartans and by holding huge smart
phones in their bags.


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