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Netiquette is way to go

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Netiquette is way to go
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2022 21:13:50 +0300
User-agent: Mutt/+ () (2022-05-21)

* goncholden <> [2022-06-12 20:50]:
> Correct.  It is much better than the easy dodging of the problem
> that insists on reformatting the whole codebase so as to adhere with
> some design spucification of an editor.  Because the attitude of
> some of the current maintainers is that if I do not like it, choose
> another editor so we can continue with our way of doing things.

I have fully understood your problem even before reading the
subsequent discussion.

On this planet we human have specific rules of behavior, manner or
etiquette. There is something called netiquette as well, for network
related communication. 

On GNU mailing lists we strive, but not force, to adhere to the below

GNU Kind Communications Guidelines

For me, I totally understand your style of talking and did not find
anything offensive. This may be because I have spent time in parts of
world with similar communication style. There are parts of world where
heavy profanities are used to greet familiar people and it means

I can fully understand Drew and Eli, as your style of talking is
simply not proper for everybody and everywhere.

You are in global communication exchange. Mailing list spans any
countries on the planet. We have different ways of expressing
ourselves and we have to find common ways. GNU Kind Communication
Guideline is a way to reach that goal.

It is good reading books about international business manners, that
will give you idea how to get communication across in such way that it
does not get rejected due to your local style of expressions.

Issue is to find global common and acceptable style of
communication. Maybe following references may help further:

Etiquette in technology - Wikipedia

10 netiquette rules to maintain a good online reputation | NortonLifeLock

10 Netiquette Rules to Know and Follow

What is Netiquette? 20 rules Internet Etiquette Rules


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