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Re: minimize-frame ?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: minimize-frame ?
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2021 04:09:27 +0200
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> Quake (1996), Fallout (1997), and StarCraft (1998) for the
> PC, and Final Fantasy 7 (1997) for the PSX where the last
> game I ever played.

That was a good time to stop BTW. Here we are still at 56.6k.

Right after that came cable and ADSL.

And then the trio of game that supposedly killed half
a generation young guys. "I lost 10 years to this game", they
say. And I believe them.

These games were the "Brood War" expansion to StarCraft
(1998), "Counter Strike" (1999), and "Diablo 2" (2000) - all
multiplayer games.

StarCraft and Brood War were obviously amazing, I never played
CS, Diablo is super-polished but too simplistic a game-idea,
just a super-polished dungeon crawler.

Well, poor guys who lost 10 years to that. And how can that
even happen? It is the complexity of the games and the
multiplayer aspect that actually make the same old game _new_
whenever new tactics are explored, and this happens over and
over every time at a higher, more interesting and intoxicating
level ...

underground experts united

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