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Re: minimize-frame ?

From: Arthur Miller
Subject: Re: minimize-frame ?
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2021 02:55:47 +0200
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Michael Heerdegen <> writes:

> David Masterson <> writes:
>> Is it possible to have Emacs control the window manager?  For
>> instance, if I didn't want to use the mouse, could I setup a key to
>> minimize Emacs?
> `iconify-frame'?
> With some minimal setup it's possible to use Emacs in X even without any
> window manager.  You then need to have the key bindings ready to
> position and remove frames and such stuff.
> Controlling a window manager is a different thing.  Depends on the
> window manager then.  Using xdotool or such things is probably easier.
> One can do a lot of things when one has a lot of time...
> There is also an "Emacs X Window Manager" called "EXWM" - my
> distribution tells:
> EXWM (Emacs X Window Manager) is a full-featured tiling X window
> manager for Emacs built on top of XELB. It features:
> * Fully keyboard-driven operations
> * Hybrid layout modes (tiling & stacking)
> * Dynamic workspace support
> * ICCCM/EWMH compliance
> * (Optional) RandR (multi-monitor) support
> * (Optional) Builtin system tray
> * (Optional) Builtin input method
> Homepage:

Bspwm might be an option. It listens on a socket for commands, so it
should be possible to controll it from Emacs.

It does not even have it's own keyboard or mouse code, but 3rd party
apps are used for the purpose. Emacs could act as sxhkd (a keyboard
handler) to send input to bspwm.

> I've never tried it since I don't like tiling WMs.
> Also a WM written in Haskell exists, I guess this one would be
> controllable with Emacs, too.  Or maybe ratpoison, the WM with "no
> rodent dependence".
StumpWm is written in CL if that would matter, and Sawfish uses own lisp
dialect for scripting.
> Since I use Emacs for most tasks anyway, I must say that I don't care
> that much about rodent...usage, maybe others want to share their
> experience.
Rodents are just in the way, at least on laptops.

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