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Re: Emacs i18n

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Emacs i18n
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2021 14:08:13 +0200
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Christopher Dimech wrote:

>>> you've been mostly with educated people, not with people
>>> who struggle learning, or are in less educated portion
>>> of society.
>> But the case is people don't know it good enough!
>> You guys on the other hand know it so well you can even do
>> professional translations...
>> So you, the Elysium ones, will attempt to help the ignorant
>> masses by translating ... uhm, CS and programming software
>> manuals?!
>> Hey, just a suggestion, shouldn't you elite guys instead
>> try to bring literacy, basic math, and punctuality, to your
>> poor countrymen that cannot read English 2021?
> Should not local schools do that?

Of course. The schools, the societies.

Speaking frankly, our French Emacs guys should do their
professions to the ever improving best of their abilities, and
when that is done ... uhm, there is something that comes to
mind ... their families? unsure, does that make sense?

If they have ANY time left after that there is one and only
one allowed activity: Emacs and Elisp.

Translate huge books from English to French? Oh no, can't
have that. Nop-e. 403 Forbidden. Is what it is!

Possible loophole: What if they use Emacs while translating?
Allowed, but only if they spend at least 50% of the time not
actually translating but instead working on perfecting the
Elisp CAT software and associated English-French database (and
French-English for that matter, we just reverse the lists and
transpose the matrixes). This is how far I got BTW, and there
is more on that from the people on this list...

Please use it as a ... head start!

I think this is an area where FOSS and GNU/Linux (BSD etc) and
Emacs is a little bit behind, so if you guys can put us on the
top there just like with Gnus for mail we are, inspired by the
ideology of techno-totalitarianism perhaps, willing to grant
certain favors and exceptions, to show our appreciation.
Maybe a compromise, can you write the manual simultaneously in
several languages, in English _and_ French for example?

underground experts united

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