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Re: Auto Fill Comments

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Auto Fill Comments
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2020 09:45:20 +0300
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* Christopher Dimech <> [2020-11-30 03:08]:
> The problem starts with actually trying to do something after deciding to
> give elisp a try.  Very often this requires a lot of emacs specific knowledge.
> There need to be links with very clear steps.  If you want X, here's how you
> do it, geared towards the beginning developer (to elisp, not to development).
> For the expert, there are all lots or resources to find information.


EmacsWiki could be good place for that. But one can see that people
access various other communities such as Reddit and Stackexchange to
get answers to their questions.

What could help is the centralized dynamic knowledge repository that
users could consult and browse to quickly find various pieces of

EmacsWiki is one such repository. But then we have mailing lists. Then
we have Reddit an Stackexchange, and plethora of various other
websites. Search engines sometimes help, sometimes not. To me search
engines help less than mailing lists.

Locating proper information is problem. It requires cataloging entries
into their categories, tagging them, and so on.

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