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Emacs 27.1 - Issue with pdumper

From: José Manuel García-Patos
Subject: Emacs 27.1 - Issue with pdumper
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2020 23:32:33 +0200


I'm using GNU Emacs 27.1 on Slackware Linux. This last piece of
information is important because the way Emacs is packaged here is
through a double compilation which results in two different binaries:
One with support for X and one without. The latter can be used for
things like editing git commit messages or composing email messages
with Mutt, like I'm doing right now.

Anyway, the issue I (and all other Slackware users, I suppose) have
with pdumper is that there is no way to create two different .pdmp
files (because emacs.pdmp is hardcoded). That means the second binary
can never run and instead fails with the following error:

desired fingerprint: 
found fingerprint: 
emacs: could not load dump file 
"/usr/libexec/emacs/27.1/x86_64-slackware-linux/emacs.pdmp": not built for this 
Emacs executable

The most obvious workaround is to rename the .pdmp file created during
the second compilation, right after it and before the actual packaging,
but that doesn't work because Emacs' code checks for ‘emacs.pdmp’
before ‘emacs-no-x11.pdmp’ (or whatever name we want to give it),
hence the error above.

You might argue that there's the option --dump-file=FILE, but having
to use that would defeat the purpose of installing something and
having it just work.

So, I'd like to suggest a modification to the function load_pdump() in
the file emacs.c consisting of changing its order of evaluation,
leaving the search for emacs.pdmp (the default case) for last and
trying to find <name-of-executable>.pdmp before that. I've tried this
change myself and it works, which is the reason why I'm able to
compose this email. I have attached a diff file in case you want to
use it as orientation or as is.

I think leaving the (hardcoded) default case for last makes sense, and
it would help us a lot, as we would only have to change one line in
the packaging script.

Thank you.

José Manuel García-Patos

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