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Re: Is Elisp really that slow?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Is Elisp really that slow?
Date: Thu, 30 May 2019 05:30:07 +0200
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Eli Zaretskii wrote:

> Not much we can do about that. Feel free to
> lobby distros to include Emacs. IMO, if
> something is related to 40-year old decision,
> it is this one.

Hell, I went to Computer School (completed my
first course 2008-10-17, 10y 7m 13d (3877d)
from now. At that point, Emacs was not only
included, there was also an introductory course
to computers which I didn't do because I had no
respect for it, _but_ they handed out a booklet
called "Gula Luntan" (the yellow tome, actually
it wasn't that hefty) but anyway _in that
booklet_ which I read two or three times were
whole sections on Emacs! Now, at the same
system, when I type 'emacs' and hit RET it
isn't to be found. I do

$ find / -name \*emacs\* 2> /dev/null | wc -l

and get nothing! Becuase computation still
hasn't found every-thig!

I do get tons' of Emacs stuff, tho...

> Emacs also works the same on all systems.
> As for "better default colors", that
> debatable at best. It's a matter of taste,
> and psychologically we tend to favor our
> first experience: old habits die hard.

And the correct taste is: 1) non-blinking
cursor, 2) black background, and 2) use all
colors that contrast as much to the background
as to each other as possible.

normal                         bright
   bk  r   g   y  bl   m   c   w  bk    r   g   y  bl   m   c   w
r  0 255   0 240 150 225   0 200 140  255   0 255 175 255 140 255
g  0 100 200 240 150 150 230 200 140  125 230 175 175 125 255 230
b  0 100   0   0 255   0 230 200 140  125   0   0 255 255 255 190

>> which is more intuitive and familiar for
>> terminal users.
> "terminal users"? who are those?
> what's a "terminal"? Are we really going to
> target 70-year old curmudgeons that still work
> on a 'terminal"? why? because vim does that?

We. Because he meant "terminal emulator" or
"virtual terminal" users, which I'm sure you
fathomed just as well.

> Excuse me, but this is nonsense. Our menu and
> tool bar say copy/paste for at least 20
> years, as do the manuals. I wonder when
> people will stop beating this dead horse.

Remove the menu and toolbar, and/or rename that
other stuff back to kill/yank. That will make
it cooler and more attractive.

(menu-bar-mode 0) ; do this
(menu-bar-mode 1) ; don't do this

underground experts unijted

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