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Re: Page Up/Down Issues With Emacs in Terminal

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Page Up/Down Issues With Emacs in Terminal
Date: Wed, 06 Jul 2016 04:59:39 +0200
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Brandeis King <address@hidden>

> @Emanuel: Thanks for the suggestion of using
> "-Q". Unfortunately, however, even with this
> option the original issue persists.

Try xev(1) and see if there are events at all!

> @Dmitry: By '(zsh) terminal' I meant
> a terminal running zsh. Since the issue
> occurred in both xterm and gnome-terminal,
> I thought the root issue was independent of
> the terminal, and hence did not specify.

It is a good idea to isolate/minimize the
problem. See if you have any keys set up at the
zsh, tmux, xterm or otherwise X level (e.g.,
xbindkeys) that might interfere.

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