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Re: SMIE examples or guides

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: SMIE examples or guides
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2016 03:37:26 -0400
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>     HELLO
>         HELLO foo BYE
>             HELLO
>                 bla
>                     net
>                     neat
>             BYE
>             text more
>             more
>     BYE

That's expected: the third HELLO...BYE is indented as an argument of
the first.  Similarly to:


[ Read the above, thinking that "(" is like HELLO and ")" is like
  "BYE".  ]

Similarly, "net" and "neat" are treated as arguments to "bla".

A quick fix to that part would be to add an indentation rule along the
lines of

     (`(:elem . arg) 0)

or alternatively

     (`(:list-intro . ,_) t)

Tho, if your language makes newlines significant (i.e. "bla\nnet" is not
equivalent to "bla net"), then you might be better off changing the
tokenizer (by providing appropriate :forward-token and :backward-token
arguments to `smie-setup') so as to return an actual token for every
newline encountered, after which you can add corresponding rules to
the grammar.

>     HELLO
>         bla
>         net
>         neat
>         BYE

To get the BYE indented this way, a quick-fix could be to add a rule

     (`(:before . "BYE") 4)

-- Stefan

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