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Re: hl-line-mode inside *compilation* buffer

From: Glen Stark
Subject: Re: hl-line-mode inside *compilation* buffer
Date: Wed, 04 Mar 2015 19:28:28 GMT
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On Wed, 04 Mar 2015 07:03:20 -0800, Drew Adams wrote:

>> I would like to have the current error in the compilation buffer be
>> highlighted.  Currently I get a little triangle in the left hand side
>> of the window, which my old eyes have a hard time finding.
>> I'd also be okay with making the triangle bigger, or more colorful.
> I don't understand what you want.  If others do, and you get a good
> answer, then please ignore this.
> For me, `hl-line-mode' highlights the current line - all of it,
> including in a compilation buffer.  By "current" line, I mean (and I
> assume you mean) the line of the cursor.  I don't see any little
> triangle in the left fringe.
> ---
> If instead you mean that you want the entire line to be highlighted when
> you *move the mouse over it*, then you can get that effect by loading
> libraries `compile-.el' and `compile+.el'.
> Library `compile-.el' makes the face used for this be just an underline,
> by default, so it is not too distracting.  And library `compile+.el'
> makes compilation use this face for mouseover highlighting, instead of
> face `highlight'.  You will likely want to also set option
> `compilation-message-face' to nil (so that the underlining is used only
> for mouseover).
> These libraries are available on Emacs Wiki and MELPA.

Hi.  Thanks for trying.  Let me try to explain my need more clearly.

I have a split frame.  Left window is code, right window is results of 
the compile command.  I get a bunch of warnings and/or errors.   I do a 
few (next-error) commands.  If I switch windows into *compile* window and 
turn on hl-line-mode, it highlights the line where the cursor is at.

Now I do next-error again.  In my emacs (maybe it's theme related?) I see 
a little triangle in the left fringe of the *compile* window.   The 
little triangle at the edge of the window moves to the next error, and my 
cursor jumps to the next error, but the highlighted region of the 
*compile* window is still the line that was highlighted when my cursor 
was over there.  If I swap windows the highlighted region then updates to 
show the current error, but I'd like that to happen without switching 
windows all the time.

What I want is a quick way to track what the current error being pointed 
to in the *compile* window is.  hl-line-mode would be awesome, but making 
that triangle indicator bigger or bolder or more colorful would work 
too.  The problem is it takes my eyes too long to track what the current 
error message associated with point is.

Any ideas?



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