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RE: hl-line-mode inside *compilation* buffer

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: hl-line-mode inside *compilation* buffer
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2015 07:03:20 -0800 (PST)

> I would like to have the current error in the compilation buffer be
> highlighted.  Currently I get a little triangle in the left hand side of
> the window, which my old eyes have a hard time finding.
> I'd also be okay with making the triangle bigger, or more colorful.

I don't understand what you want.  If others do, and you get a good
answer, then please ignore this.

For me, `hl-line-mode' highlights the current line - all of it,
including in a compilation buffer.  By "current" line, I mean (and
I assume you mean) the line of the cursor.  I don't see any little
triangle in the left fringe.


If instead you mean that you want the entire line to be highlighted
when you *move the mouse over it*, then you can get that effect by
loading libraries `compile-.el' and `compile+.el'.  

Library `compile-.el' makes the face used for this be just an
underline, by default, so it is not too distracting.  And library
`compile+.el' makes compilation use this face for mouseover
highlighting, instead of face `highlight'.  You will likely want
to also set option `compilation-message-face' to nil (so that the
underlining is used only for mouseover).

These libraries are available on Emacs Wiki and MELPA.

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