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RE: Advice on studying Emacs Lisp files

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Advice on studying Emacs Lisp files
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2015 15:53:33 -0800 (PST)

> > OK, now I have another (not very important) problem.  With
> > bookmark-automatically-show-annotations set to t, I get a buffer with
> > the annotation when I jump to a bookmark.  However, it is read-only and
> > basically unusable for e.g. editing the annotation.  Is this intended
> > behavior?
> Yes.  If you want to edit an annotation then use
> `bookmark-edit-annotation' instead of `bookmark-show-annotation'.
> But that advice doesn't help for automatic showing of annotations -
> that is always show-only, not edit.
> I suppose it would make sense to provide a key binding for the edit
> command in the show-only buffer, or perhaps let you choose to have
> automatically shown annotations open for editing.
> I'll think about it.  I don't use annotations, myself, and I've done
> little more with that feature than what is in vanilla Emacs.  The
> main thing I did (recently) was to allow for using Org mode (or any
> other) and allow for an annotation to be external (in a separate file).

I've taken care of this now.

If you set option `bookmark-automatically-show-annotations' to `edit'
then an automatically shown annotation opens in edit mode.

And you can switch between edit mode and read-only (show) mode
using `C-x C-q'.


Especially if you use annotations heavily, consider using external
annotations.  An external annotation is stored in a separate file,
URL, or bookmark, not in your bookmarks file, i.e., not as part of
the bookmark that it annotates.

Accessing an external annotation (e.g. showing it) visits its
destination.  So for example, you can use bookmarks to one or more
Org files to annotate one or more bookmarks.  The annotation saved
with the bookmark itself just specifies the destination. 


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