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Re: Advice on studying Emacs Lisp files

From: Marcin Borkowski
Subject: Re: Advice on studying Emacs Lisp files
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2015 00:06:04 +0100

On 2015-01-17, at 21:32, Drew Adams <> wrote:

>> >> >> I'd like to take notes while I'm studying... I don't want to make my
>> >> >> notes in the files themselves (as comments)...
>> >> >
>> >> > You can bookmark locations, and use annotations for your notes.
>> >> > If you use Bookmark+ then you can use Org mode for the annotations.
>> >>
>> >> ...visible in the buffer they point to.
>> >
>> > If you use Bookmark+ then you can make bookmark locations be
>> > highlighted in various ways.  This is optional.
>> >
>> Wow, that is impressive.  I have one problem though: how to
>> create/edit/view annotations for bookmarks /without/ using the
>> bookmark list?  I.e., for the bookmark at point or something?
> 1. See standard options `bookmark-use-annotations' and
> `bookmark-automatically-show-annotations'.

Thanks!  BTW, the latter one seems to be `t' by default.

> 2. In Bookmark+, standard functions `bookmark-edit-annotation',
> `bookmark-show-annotation', and `bookmark-show-all-annotations' are
> also commands.  The first two prompt you for the name of an annotated
> bookmark (with completion) and then show you the annotation.

This does not seem to be the case for the latter two functions.  (I have
bookmark+ from the Git repo mentioned on the EW page.)

> With a prefix arg, `bookmark-edit-annotation' lets you choose any
> bookmark, so you can add an annotation to an unannotated bookmark.
> Otherwise, it lets you choose an annotated bookmark, to edit the
> annotation.
> You can also use command `bmkp-annotate-bookmark' to add or edit
> an annotation, instead of using `bookmark-edit-annotation' with a
> prefix arg.

Thanks.  I'll have to digest everything here slowly and mold it into my

>> Also, how to set (in init.el) the default way for highlighting
>> bookmarks?  I'd prefer the "right fringe" style and not the "right
>> fringe + line" one.
> Customize option `bmkp-light-style-non-automated' and/or option
                                         ^^^^^^^^^ autonamed, of course
> `bmkp-light-style-autonamed'.  The latter is for autonamed
> bookmarks; the former is for all other kinds of bookmarks.

Is it a good idea to run bmkp-light-bookmarks in a hook or something, so
that the bookmarks ale always visible, or can it e.g. degrade

>> Also, I've set bmkp-crosshairs-flag to t, but cannot see the
>> crosshairs.  (I have the necessary libraries installed).  This is
>> probably too vague anyway, I'll try to look into this problem myself.
> Yes, too vague.  Recursively bisect your init file until you find the
> culprit.  Ask yourself first whether crosshairs highlighting works
> elsewhere, i.e., whether your problem arises only for indicating
> bookmark destinations or is more general.

I disabled crosshairs altogether, it seems that it doesn't really do any
good to me.

> Please download the latest files for Bookmark+.  You can follow up
> with me off list for any such questions, if you like.

As above: I used the git repo.

As for the other suggestion: I decided to write here anyway, someone
might be interested in this, too.  Also, once I figure out a workflow
for my use case, I intend to describe it on my site.

Thanks a lot,

Marcin Borkowski               This email was proudly sent                from my Emacs.

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