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RE: Advice on studying Emacs Lisp files

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Advice on studying Emacs Lisp files
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2015 12:32:25 -0800 (PST)

> >> >> I'd like to take notes while I'm studying... I don't want to make my
> >> >> notes in the files themselves (as comments)...
> >> >
> >> > You can bookmark locations, and use annotations for your notes.
> >> > If you use Bookmark+ then you can use Org mode for the annotations.
> >>
> >> ...visible in the buffer they point to.
> >
> > If you use Bookmark+ then you can make bookmark locations be
> > highlighted in various ways.  This is optional.
> >
> Wow, that is impressive.  I have one problem though: how to
> create/edit/view annotations for bookmarks /without/ using the
> bookmark list?  I.e., for the bookmark at point or something?

1. See standard options `bookmark-use-annotations' and

2. In Bookmark+, standard functions `bookmark-edit-annotation',
`bookmark-show-annotation', and `bookmark-show-all-annotations' are
also commands.  The first two prompt you for the name of an annotated
bookmark (with completion) and then show you the annotation.

With a prefix arg, `bookmark-edit-annotation' lets you choose any
bookmark, so you can add an annotation to an unannotated bookmark.
Otherwise, it lets you choose an annotated bookmark, to edit the

You can also use command `bmkp-annotate-bookmark' to add or edit
an annotation, instead of using `bookmark-edit-annotation' with a
prefix arg.

> Also, how to set (in init.el) the default way for highlighting
> bookmarks?  I'd prefer the "right fringe" style and not the "right
> fringe + line" one.

Customize option `bmkp-light-style-non-automated' and/or option
`bmkp-light-style-autonamed'.  The latter is for autonamed
bookmarks; the former is for all other kinds of bookmarks.
> Also, I've set bmkp-crosshairs-flag to t, but cannot see the
> crosshairs.  (I have the necessary libraries installed).  This is
> probably too vague anyway, I'll try to look into this problem myself.

Yes, too vague.  Recursively bisect your init file until you find the
culprit.  Ask yourself first whether crosshairs highlighting works
elsewhere, i.e., whether your problem arises only for indicating
bookmark destinations or is more general.

Please download the latest files for Bookmark+.  You can follow up
with me off list for any such questions, if you like.

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