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Re: url-retrieve-synchronously results differ from curl

From: Artur Malabarba
Subject: Re: url-retrieve-synchronously results differ from curl
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 00:41:12 -0200

Upon further (much much further) investigation, it seems that nothing
in the url package could cause this specific behavior. Still, I see
many places where the package will silently bug if the user downcases
the "get" method (and a couple other methods). Given that
`url-request-method' makes no mention of that, I think the following
would be worthy patches (and I'm willing to write them if people

1. Document in `url-request-method' that method names are uppercase
strings (the current version doesn't even say they are strings).
2. Warn the user (with a message?) in `url-retrieve-internal' if the
above variable is dynamically bound to a lowercase string.

2015-01-21 23:14 GMT-02:00 Artur Malabarba <>:
>> Binding url-request-method to ”POST” rather than ”post” seems to fix
>> the issues en masse. This has not undergone proper testing, but it
>> definitely seems to work [1].
> I'd just like to confirm (now that I've done a bit more testing) that
> this does indeed fix the issue. So thanks again to Thien-Thi for
> suggesting that.
> I'll see if I can find out where this happens in url.el. If not, I'll
> just file a bug report. IMHO, the package should either support both
> versions indiscriminately, or warn the user if they use the wrong
> version. Even better (as Sean suggests) would be to support and
> encourage the use of symbols.

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