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Re: url-retrieve-synchronously results differ from curl

From: Artur Malabarba
Subject: Re: url-retrieve-synchronously results differ from curl
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2015 13:35:29 -0200

>> It's possible this is just a bug in the API we're posting to, but it's
>> more likely we just haven't built this request correctly in
>> url-retrieve-synchronously. This would explain why it's being handled
>> differently from the request we make with curl.
> (I'm going a bit off topic here, sorry about that.)
> Did you inspect the actual request being sent via e.g. wireshark (this
> is GPL software) ? Perhaps you can spot a difference and get at least a
> starting point.
> If you never used wireshark, here's how I would do it :
> 1. type something in the filter box (near the top) like:
>    (ip.src== or ip.dst == and http
>    That would only show HTTP traffic from/to
> 2. select a capture interface (e.g. eth0) and hit start
> 3. send the requests
> 4. hit "Stop" and inspect what you've got.

Thanks for the suggestion. I've managed to follow the steps above, but
I can't say I fully understand the results.

A single call to `url-retrieve-synchronously' yields 11 entries
meeting the ip.dst filter (most TCP and a few TLS). I tried looking
through these entires to figure out what data/headers were being sent,
but had no success.

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