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Re: Shell scripting mode

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Shell scripting mode
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2013 13:56:25 -0400
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> This is a short wishlist I've compiled that pretty much sums up
> everything I was looking for when I wrote the post:
> - Code completion of shell bultins and previously defined functions
>         (I guess this could be done by writing a wordlist for autocomplete 
> mode)

That would be nice, indeed.  Patches welcome.

> - Navigation: imenu, buffer definitions, etags, gtags?
>         (I'm wondering whether etags has shell scripting support, I'll
>         look this up myself)

AFAIK there is already imenu support.  Patches for etags support would
be welcome.

> - Flymake for shell
>         (There seems to be a mode for this on elpa repositories)

Not sure how this would work, but would be nice, indeed.

> - Interaction with lower process
>         (It'd be awesome if I could send arbitrary regions into the
>         shell for immediate execution)

There's M-x sh-show-shell RET
and M-x sh-send-line-or-region-and-step RET

> - Online Documentation of shell builtins
>         (I guess the best way is turning to woman and reading the
>         matching section)

Support for info-lookup (which would hence be used via C-h S) would be
welcome, indeed.  Should be pretty easy to do.  Patches welcome.

> - Yassnippet library
>         (The sh scripting mode that ships with emacs has predefined
>         functions for skeletons of common constructs, but I think this
>         is unnecessary if you put it all into a yasnipet mode directory)

The same goes the other way: the YAsnippet snippets are made unnecessary
by the skeletons provided.  Some people prefer one, others prefer the
other, but fundamentally they're basically the same thing.  So, please
tell us what *behavior* (rather than underlying library) you'd like to
see, and maybe you can get that from the provided skeletons.


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