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Re: Changing the language of gnus menu entries

From: Joost Kremers
Subject: Re: Changing the language of gnus menu entries
Date: 26 Sep 2013 20:46:46 GMT
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Dale Snell wrote:
>> I once tried to find the German equivalent for the Arabic term «waziir
>> al-wuzaraa'» ('council of ministers') using Google Translate and was
>> baffled to see it translated as "Schrank" ('cupboard, closet')... I'll
>> leave it up to the reader to figure out around which corner Google was
>> thinking there. ;-)
> I think I've got an answer to this one.  A "council of ministers" is
> also known as a "cabinet".  A different kind of cabinet can also be
> called a "cupboard" or (maybe) a "closet".  Again, no sense of context.
> Hence the odd translation.

Yup. Which made me wonder whether Google was using English as an
intermediate language in cases where a direct machine translation wasn't
available or advanced enough.

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