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Re: [OT, meta] markup (Re: have emacs use SIGTERM to end a process inste

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: [OT, meta] markup (Re: have emacs use SIGTERM to end a process instead of SIGHUP)
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2013 18:48:55 +0200
User-agent: Gnus/5.130008 (Ma Gnus v0.8) Emacs/24.3.50 (gnu/linux)

Emanuel Berg <> writes:


>> Newsreaders construct threads from the references, i.e., every
>> article mentions its ancestor articles.  Since the references in
>> your articles are wrong, every followup you make creates a new
>> thread instead of being displayed as a child of the article you
>> are replying to.
> Really? To be such a serious bug, it sure took a long while to get to
> the surface!
> And how can it be that *I* see the threads (including my posts)
> correctly?

There are two ways to build threads: by reference and by same subjects.
Gathering by subjects is the default in Gnus nowadays.

,----[ C-h v gnus-summary-thread-gathering-function RET ]
| gnus-summary-thread-gathering-function is a variable defined in `gnus-sum.el'.
| Its value is gnus-gather-threads-by-references
| Original value was 
| gnus-gather-threads-by-subject
|   This variable may be risky if used as a file-local variable.
| Documentation:
| *Function used for gathering loose threads.
| There are two pre-defined functions: `gnus-gather-threads-by-subject',
| which only takes Subjects into consideration; and
| `gnus-gather-threads-by-references', which compared the References
| headers of the articles to find matches.

> I didn't do that much Gnus configuration. What I did, I collected at
> the URL, last.
> But you already gave me some hints as to where I will start to look.

Hm, not sure what might be the culprit.  But what is `new-message' good
for, i.e., what does it do that C-x m (`compose-mail') with
`mail-user-agent' set to `gnus-user-agent' wouldn't also do?


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