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Re: Highway Musophobia Revisited [was: Speeding up Emacs load time]

From: Óscar Fuentes
Subject: Re: Highway Musophobia Revisited [was: Speeding up Emacs load time]
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2013 18:21:19 +0200
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Drew Adams <> writes:

>> I think the mouse is a killer. It is not productive, it is not
>> ergonomic.
> Any pointer device, and a mouse is one (among other things it can
> be), has this feature: you look at something, anywhere, you point
> to it to do something with it or to it.  End of story.

I beg to differ. A counterexample is ace-jump-mode. You look at the word
you wish to jump, press the hotkey (Space in my case, with evil-mode),
press the first letter of that word, which is replaced by some other
letter, you press that letter and the cursor jumps. The whole process is
faster than moving the hand from the keyboard to the mouse, and much
faster than moving the mouse pointer to that position on the screen and

> Nothing beats that eye-hand direct-manipulation thing for what it
> offers.  Neither text completion/search nor a command/key to go
> directly to the thing by name, number, description, whatever.  Nada.

ace-jump consists on eye-hand manipulation using a keyboard, so maybe we
are in agreement after all :-)

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