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Strange behaviour with custom set HOME env variable

From: Matus Kmit
Subject: Strange behaviour with custom set HOME env variable
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2012 21:28:19 +0200

Hello everybody

Perhaps someone can help me with the following problem:

I am using the "site-start.el" file to set a custom home environmental
variable ("/home/nimaai/Dropbox/emacs/emacs-home-dir") before loading
the .emacs file. This home variable points to a Dropbox folder where
the .emacs file is located which I share between different machines.
The home variable seems to work as the content of the .emacs file
loads correctly. Visiting the .emacs file with "Find file ~/.emacs"
also works ok but only on the windows machines. On all my linux
machines I am encountering the following phenomenon:

- Visiting the .emacs file gives en error: "Use M-x make-directory RET
RET to create the directory and its parents"
- Trying saving the file sheds then more light about this error:
no such directory"

I don't know how emacs got this path. It should simply be
"/home/nimaai/Dropbox/emacs/emacs-home-dir/" instead, which is the
value of my home variable set in the "site-start.el" file.

Does anybody have any idea?


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