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Re: Strange behaviour with custom set HOME env variable

From: Matus Kmit
Subject: Re: Strange behaviour with custom set HOME env variable
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2012 08:19:01 +0200

Am 2.4.2012 um 16:02 schrieb Matus Kmit:

>> This is a Bad Thing®. Site-start.el is meant to adapt GNU Emacs to the 
>> system it runs on. It's not really an user choice.
> Which would be a better solution? I need to set that variable before
> emacs loads my init file, so that it knows that it is located in
> Dropbox.

Why not use symbolic links, sym-links? Let ~/.emacs, i.e., the
variable user-init-file and $HOME, be unmanipulated and substitute the
real file with a sym-link that points into the Dropbox volume:

       ln -s /home/nimaai/Dropbox/emacs/emacs-home-dir/.emacs ~


       pushd ~ ; ln -s Dropbox/emacs/emacs-home-dir/.emacs

(I have no idea of Dropbox, but I am sure that this external has to be
mounted some way, by some protocol, to the local file systems. So you
have a path to its contents. And I presume you gave this path in your



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