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Re: emulate readline

From: fork
Subject: Re: emulate readline
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2011 20:29:12 +0000 (UTC)
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Peter Dyballa <Peter_Dyballa <at> Web.DE> writes:

> <SNIP>
> Am 06.04.2011 um 21:44 schrieb fork:
> > I want to be able to replay all the commands I have typed in,  
> > subsetted by their
> > initial string which I have so far typed into the minibuffer, with  
> > each press of
> > my up-arrow key.
> So start with C-x ESC ESC and then arrow up! Arrow up. Arrow up. ...
> >
> > If you haven't done this in a shell, you probably dont have any idea  
> > what I am
> > talking about
> Yes, I'm no bash fan, I don't have the time to browse in my past  
> commands for an eternity. Or half.
> Since you've got so much time to browse in your command history,  
> couldn't you find some to browse the GNU Emacs documentation? The Help  
> menu offers some entry points you could browse through. You might some  
> concept that might come close to your wish.

Thanks for the condescension and lack of understanding my problem, I will
refrain from replying to anymore of your snide and unhelpful emails. Just to
clarify:  I understand my problem just fine, it is a solution to the eternity of
up-arrows you mention above, and I would like to find an implementation in
emacs.  And I have wasted more time with you than I have already, so I will
refrain from randomly browsing the documentation as you so helpfully suggest.

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