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Re: emulate readline

From: fork
Subject: Re: emulate readline
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2011 15:09:30 +0000 (UTC)
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Le Wang <l26wang <at>> writes:

> > Any help is appreciated!  Thanks!
> The commands you seek are (previous|next)-complete-history-element,
> which are not bound to keys by default.

Yay ! Thanks so much!
> You also have to consider that not all mini-buffer inputs are using
> the same local key-map.  I have the following code in my
> initialization to bind M-p and M-n to these functions:
> (mapc (lambda (map)
>         (define-key map [(meta p)] 'previous-complete-history-element)
>         (define-key map [(meta n)] 'next-complete-history-element))
>       (list minibuffer-local-completion-map
>           minibuffer-local-isearch-map
>           minibuffer-local-map
>           minibuffer-local-must-match-map
>           minibuffer-local-ns-map))
> Also see the wiki page:

I went with the wiki page instructions to bind directly -- if I get weird
behavior, I will use your code.

Thanks so much!  This was a gaping hole in the perfect emacs experience for me 


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