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Re: How to find commands run by menu?

From: kj
Subject: Re: How to find commands run by menu?
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 2009 22:13:51 +0000 (UTC)
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In <address@hidden> address@hidden (Pascal J. Bourguignon) writes:


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>kj <address@hidden> writes:

>> Is there any way to determine the exact command that gets run when
>> one invokes a particular menu item?

>Yes.  You do that with C-h k and select the command in the menu.

I can't figure out how to do this when I'm in text mode.  In text
mode, to select the command I want from the menu (File > Postscript
Print Region (B+W)), the entire keystroke sequence is M-` f 3.  If
I prefix this sequence with C-h k, then the info command responds

  M-` runs the command tmm-menubar, which is an interactive compiled
  Lisp function in `tmm.el'.

  It is bound to M-`.

  (tmm-menubar &optional X-POSITION)

  Text-mode emulation of looking and choosing from a menubar.
  See the documentation for `tmm-prompt'.
  X-POSITION, if non-nil, specifies a horizontal position within the menu bar;
  we make that menu bar item (the one at that position) the default choice.

So I never get to the point of querying the meaning of the last
keystroke of the sequence (3).

I also tried to hit C-h k after having hit M-` f but before hitting
3.  In this case the info message is

  3 runs the command tmm-shortcut, which is an interactive compiled Lisp
  function in `tmm.el'.

  It is bound to many ordinary text characters.


  Choose the shortcut that the user typed.

...which is not what I'm looking for.


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