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How to find commands run by menu?

From: kj
Subject: How to find commands run by menu?
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 2009 20:42:02 +0000 (UTC)
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Is there any way to determine the exact command that gets run when
one invokes a particular menu item?



P.S.  Here's why I want this.  It's a bit convoluted.  For mysterious
reasons, the latest version of Emacs on my system does not offer
any "print region" commands when run in X11 mode (these commands
do show in the File menu, but are permanently disabled, irrespective
of whether a region is defined or not).

I determined that if instead I run Emacs in text mode, now the
menus do offer the "print region" commands.

But I don't want to run Emacs in text mode.  Therefore, I want to
be able to execute *while on X11 mode* the same commands that get
triggered when I choose (in text mode) one of the "print region"
commands from the File menu.  Make sense?

I thought that the desired commands would be ones like ps-print-region,
but the ones I've guessed produce different-looking printed results
from those obtained by using the menus under text mode, and I prefer
the latter by far.  Therefore, I have to conclude that using the
menus does something more than just calling, say, ps-print-region.

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