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Re: remote tramp hangs

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: remote tramp hangs
Date: Wed, 02 Dec 2009 22:33:41 +0100
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address@hidden (Raphaël Berbain) writes:

> Ah, finding it through google groups shows that the post got truncated
> where the backtrace included a null character.  My newsreader shows it
> in full, so I guess my news server has a full copy; the ^@ may have
> messed up article propagation or something.  I did try to sanitize the
> backtrace -- what's the correct way to gather & post a backtrace
> safely?

MIME attachment.

> Either way, here is the output:
> 11:52:52.741698 tramp-maybe-open-connection (6) # /bin/sh
> 11:52:52.746067 tramp-wait-for-regexp (6) # 
> $ 

Tramp opens a local shell, the prompt is "$ ". OK.

> 11:52:52.749397 tramp-send-command (6) # ssh harry -l root  -q -e none && 
> exit || exit
> 11:52:54.725933 tramp-process-actions (6) # 
> # 

Tramp applies the ssh command to the remote host. The prompt is "# ". That
is OK; tramp-shell-prompt-pattern covers this.

> 11:52:54.727166 tramp-send-command (6) # exec env ENV='' PROMPT_COMMAND='' 
> PS1=\$\  PS2='' PS3='' /bin/sh
> 11:52:55.883214 tramp-accept-process-output (10) # 
> exec env ENV='' PROMPT_COMMAND='' PS1=\$\  PS2='' PS3='' /bin/sh
> # 

Tramp starts /bin/sh on the remote host, and expects "$ " as prompt (see
PS1). But the prompt is still "# ". That is NOT OK.

Is there something in the .profile of root, which overrides the PS1 settings?
What happens, if you manually apply "ssh harry -l root -q -e none" and
then, afterwards, "exec env ENV='' PROMPT_COMMAND='' PS1=\$\ PS2='' PS3='' 

Best regards, Michael.

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