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Re: New C-h/Delete issue on emacs22.2.1-nox (Xquartz 2.3.0)

From: matt
Subject: Re: New C-h/Delete issue on emacs22.2.1-nox (Xquartz 2.3.0)
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2008 01:12:32 -0700 (PDT)
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When you press a key in X that key sends a keynum that translates into
a keysym (okay, we know that!).  Now... each keysym (a, b, c, Delete,
BackSpace, etc.) itself has a corresponding character or character
sequence is sent xterm which translates into xterm characters/actions
(you'll have to pardon my improvised nomenclature).  The control
character keysyms are sent to xterm in ascii caret notation:

BackSpace -> ^H
Delete -> ^?

If xterm's emulate of vt100 used the normal ascii notation above I
could have just switched BackSpace and Delete and then set erase to
^?.  However, by default xterm's Delete keysym sends to this weird
sequence: ^[[3~.  God only knows why they did that...

In order to change this back to the normal ascii caret notation
sequence you have to set the backarrowKey variable (from X resources)
to false.  You can do this by putting this line into the .Xdefaults
file in your home directory:

xterm.*backarrowKey: false

I owe my finding and a lot of gratitude to the author of this page:


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