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Re: New C-h/Delete issue on emacs22.2.1-nox (Xquartz 2.3.0)

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: New C-h/Delete issue on emacs22.2.1-nox (Xquartz 2.3.0)
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2008 20:27:07 +0200

Am 06.08.2008 um 18:19 schrieb matt:

Then try to reserve another "character" for erase:

        stty erase '^?'

This should free C-h. Obviously I should not have thought of the
characters but the actions, that are each bound to some character ...

Changing erase gives me back C-h -> help, but makes my "Delete" key
write '^H' in the terminal and do nothing at all in emacs.  However,
when i use the C-DEL, it does delete backwards, and describe-key says
that that combo is just DEL ('backward-delete...).
Also, M-DEL still gives C-M-h.

I am still working with Tiger and a rather old version of X11. I seem to remember that I had a similiar problem in xterm – it "popped up" one day. It was surprising. Could be this entry in ~/.Xdefaults cured it:

        XTerm*ttyModes:         erase ^?

There is more possible with xterm ('man xterm', for example in GNU Emacs, will show). There is also more support in GNU Emacs, C-h i should lead to it, somehow. I don't remember much since I work almost never in xterm – when X11 is running why should I launch GNU Emacs without its own windows, as slave of an xterm?!

Could it be that I should switch to an encoding other than ascii?

No. The standard ISO and Unicode encodings all start with the 128 code points from US-ASCII. I'd recommend to check the Xquartz-dev mailing list (mailto:address@hidden) at http:// It's about the new X11R7 based X server and X11 releases from Apple. There is also the more general X11-users mailing list (mailto:X11- address@hidden) at users.



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