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Re: elisp questions for Advanced Closing brackets function

From: Lorenzo Isella
Subject: Re: elisp questions for Advanced Closing brackets function
Date: Wed, 21 May 2008 10:47:12 +0200

Dear All,
My questions are even more basic than the ones expressed here.
I would like to do some "trivial" emacs customization.
First of all, I should say I am not a lisp programmer at all and that
my .emacs file
is at the present a patchwork of examples I found online.
Yet, what I would like to do should be quite simple.
A few examples:
(1) I often use auctex, but when I open a tex file I would like to
have pdflatex as
the default, so I would like to skip the tedious C-c C-t C-p.
How can I include this command in the .emacs file? Obviously it should
be executed only when I am opening and reading a .tex file.
(2) Here is something I do not understand.  I found online the
following handy function for automatically inserting another "$" sign
when I type one and moving back the cursor:

   (defun TeX-insert-dollar () "custom redefined insert-dollar" (interactive)
     (insert "$$")       ;in LaTeX mode, typing "$" automatically insert "$$"
     (backward-char 1)) ;and go between them: no more matching problems!

Then, I tried doing something similar when quoting:

   (defun TeX-insert-quote () "custom redefined insert-quote" (interactive)
     (insert "``''")
     (backward-char 2))

and it worked. However, when I tried doing the same with brackets:

   (defun TeX-insert-curly () "custom redefined insert-curly" (interactive)
     (insert "{}")
     (backward-char 1))

I did not get any error message, but it surely does not work on my

Why is that? Is the emacs lisp documentation mentioned in the email I
am quoting the right place to look for answers?


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> Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 11:12:07 -0700 (PDT)
> From: TheLonelyStar <address@hidden>
> Subject: elisp questions for Advanced Closing brackets function
> To: address@hidden
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> Hi,
> I have funtions in my .emacs, which inserts "[]" when one types "[" (and
> same for "(" and "{").
> I also have functions which just jumps over a "]" when "]" is typed.
> I want to make this function more advanced!
> It should do the following:
> When one types "]" it looks for the next character which is NOT a
> whitespace. If it is "]", the functions just jumps after this. Otherwise it
> inserts an "]".
> I am just lerning elisp (just for this), but I am stuck.
> My Problems:
> - How do I check if the character under (point) is a whitespace?
> - In an "if" statement, how do I put more than one expression into the else
> case? Like this:
> (if condition (do-if-case) ((do-else-case) (do-more-else-case))
> - If I have a funcion like this:
> (defun adanced-closing-bracket (arg)
>  ...)
> How do I compare (arg) to the character under point?
> Thanks for any help!
> Nathan
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