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RE: elisp questions for Advanced Closing brackets function

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: elisp questions for Advanced Closing brackets function
Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 13:19:38 -0700

> What do you mean by the "onboard elisp manual"?
> This: ?

Yes, but by "onboard" I meant that it is also part of Emacs itself. Use `C-h i'
in Emacs to access all of the onboard manuals. Start with the Info manual, which
explains how to use this help system.

"On board" might not be the official terminology, but "online" seems to imply a
network or Internet connection these days. Whatever the terminology, this is
Info, the hypertext (online) help system which is built into Emacs (in addition
to sometimes standing alone).

> I have a another question for which I did not find an answer 
> in the link above:
> I want the closing-parentese function to be more general.
> I want to call the same funciton for "]", ")" and "}".
> So i would bind this function to all these keys.
> But how can the function know by which key it was invoked?

Look up `this-command-keys' in the Elisp manual. Or search the code in the
`lisp' directory of your Emacs installation, to see how it can be used.

> I thought, the key would be given as argument ... but if it 
> is I do not know how to format the argument to the correct character.

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