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Re: Odd problem with GNU/Emacs CVS

From: Sven Joachim
Subject: Re: Odd problem with GNU/Emacs CVS
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 21:56:21 GMT


But there is much more here. Here is a succession of men during four
thousand years, who, consequently and without variation, come, one after
another, to foretell this same event. Here is a whole people who announce it
and who have existed for four thousand years, in order to give corporate
testimony of the assurances which they have and from which they cannot be
diverted by whatever threats and persecutions people may make against them.
This is far more important.

711. Predictions of particular things.--They were strangers in Egypt,
without any private property, either in that country or elsewhere. There was
not the least appearance, either of the royalty which had previously existed
so long, or of that supreme council of seventy judges which they called the
Sanhedrin and which, having been instituted by Moses, lasted to the time of
Jesus Christ. All these things were as far removed from their state at that
time as they could be, when Jacob, dying, and blessing his twelve children,
declared to them, that they would be proprietors of a great land, and
foretold in particular to the family of Judah, that the kings, who would one
day rule them, should be of his race; and that all his brethren should be
their subjects; and that even the Messiah, who was to be the expectation of
nations, should spring from him; and that the kingship should not be taken
away from Judah, nor the ruler and law-giver of his descendants, till the
expected Messiah should arrive in his family.

This same Jacob, disposing of this future land as though he had been its
ruler, gave a portion to Joseph more than

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