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Re: Odd problem with GNU/Emacs CVS

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: Odd problem with GNU/Emacs CVS
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 19:13:13 GMT

so, for the Jesuits have better made profession of the two.

866. Two kinds of people make things equal to one another, as feasts to
working days, Christians to priests, all things among them, etc. And hence
the one party conclude that what is then bad for priests is also so for
Christians, and the other that what is not bad for Christians is lawful for

867. If the ancient Church was in error, the Church is fallen. If she should
be in error to-day, it is not the same thing; for she has always the
superior maxim of tradition from the hand of the ancient Church; and so this
submission and this conformity to the ancient Church prevail and correct
all. But the ancient Church did not assume the future Church and did not
consider her, as we assume and consider the ancient.

868. That which hinders us in comparing what formerly occurred in the Church
with what we see there now is that we generally look upon Saint Athanasius,
Saint Theresa, and the rest, as crowned with glory and acting towards us as
gods. Now that time has cleared up things, it does so appear. But at the
time when he was persecuted, this great saint was 

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