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Re: Emacs and Gud

From: Chris Gordon-Smith
Subject: Re: Emacs and Gud
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2008 01:00:42 +0000
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Nick Roberts wrote:

>> > Before Googling, it would be a good idea to read the Emacs manual.
>> > Assuming that you have Emacs 22.1 there is a whole section for the GDB
>> > Graphical Interface.
>> Yes - That's what Google found
> You shouldn't have to use Google as the Emacs manual is included in the
> Emacs tarball, so it should be on your system unless Suse package
> documentation separately like Debian.
>> ...
>> It says:-
>> Run gdb (like this):
>> gdb /home/chris/mydata/Projects/SimSoup/simsoup-cpp/simsoup/simsoup
> That's odd because Emacs 21.x looked like this but Emacs 22.1 should look
> like:
> Run gdb (like this):
> gdb --annotate=3
> /home/chris/mydata/Projects/SimSoup/simsoup-cpp/simsoup/simsoup
>> simsoup is the name of my program. Hitting enter starts gdb, but only in
>> text mode.
>> Since my original posting I have found that if I don't load ECB, then
>> graphical debugging works. However, I would like to be able to use both
>> ECB and graphical debugging. Any thoughts?
> I've not used ECB but I have read a comment in ecb-compatibility.el that
> says that gdb-ui.el's use of dedicated windows might conflict with ECB's
> so it's
> possible that they have configured Emacs to just use text mode.  However,
> even in this case Emacs 22.1 should look like this:
> Run gdb (like this):
> gdb --fullname
> /home/chris/mydata/Projects/SimSoup/simsoup-cpp/simsoup/simsoup
Interesting.  This gets me into a graphical mode where I have a source
window with a pointer in the fringe by the execution point. However, I
still don't have the other debugger windows (stack etc.), and I don't have
the little red dot in the fringe by breakpoints.

> or this:
> Run gdb (like this):
> gdb --annotate=1
> /home/chris/mydata/Projects/SimSoup/simsoup-cpp/simsoup/simsoup
This gives the same as gdb --fullname

> What value does gud-gdb-command-name have?
(gud-gdb-command-name "gdb 

If I try --annotate=2 I get all the debug windows, but now the gdb command
line usually won't do anything (eg if I type "list" nothing happens)! I did
however get a working system the first time I tried --annotate=2, with the
little red dot etc., but no joy since then

Thanks for your help so far. Any further thoughts welcome.

Chris Gordon-Smith

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